Beginners Guide to Word Processing

Haroon Malik, MSC Advanced Computer Science & IT Management
A must step by step guide on word processing for all starters
Beginners Guide to Word Processing - Person 9 4.56 9
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1.5 hours

Course length



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Course Description

This training develops basic understanding of the word processing office software such as WPS Document or Microsoft Word. Training videos contain step by step guide to further develop your skills.

Course Goals

The aim of this training is to develop word processing skills so that learners can use a word processing office software to increase their work efficiency and office productivity.


This course is intended for learners who wish to expand their Word Processing skills

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Word Processing
  • An Overview of Menus
  • Principal Features of a Word Processing Program:
  • Basic Commands, Editing and Insert Features
  • Enhancement, Formatting and Miscellaneous Features
  • Various operations of a Word Processor
  • Creating, Opening and Saving a Document
  • Working with text within documents
  • Margins, Headers, Footers and Page Numbers
  • Non-Text Items Hyperlinks, Pictures
  • Creating Tables
  • Creating Charts
  • Printing and Closing a document

  • Requirements

    No prior Word Processing Knowledge needed. WPS Office FREE software should be installed on your computer. You can download the software from WPS

    haroon malik instructor word processing


    Mr. Haroon Malik is an IT Consultant. He did MSc. Advanced Computer Science and IT Management form the University of Manchester, UK. He has over 12 years working experience of the UK, UAE and Pakistan. He has provided IT services for the businesses operating in IT, education, real estate, travel, healthcare and sports fields.

    Contact him on LinkedIn here: Haroon Malik

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    What you will get upon completion

    After course completion, you can also get a course certificate for a fee that you can show to your prospective or current employer to demonstrate your proof of competency and skill on this subject.

    Course Ratings & Reviews

    Beginners Guide to Word Processing - Person
    9 4.56 9
    4.56 out of 5 stars

    5 star 78%
    4 star 0%
    3 star 22%
    2 star 0%
    1 star 0%


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