Lesson 1.3 – Organize and draft your technical description


Welcome to section one lesson three.

First I will give you a recap of what we did last time. We learnt how to partition our subject by either feature or process.

In lesson three we will learn the third Step in creating your document, Organizing and drafting your technical description

The first thing you will want to do is think of a title. Your title should be specific and precise. If you are writing a user manual, whitepaper or even a research paper your title should clearly identify your document as being technical in nature.

Next you will begin to draft the introduction of your document. This is a good time to define your subject. For example you can describe the need being fulfilled by the software you are documenting. Such as automating a repetitive task. This also helps to show the purpose of your document.

Next you will begin to draft the body of your document. This is where your partition will come in handy, see step 2 for details. As you can now describe your software's features. Each feature may require you to create its own introduction, so that the the reader understands the theme. For example if you are documenting the system settings menu explain the purpose of having system setting in the first place.

Finally you will draft your conclusion. This will be the concluding part of your document. This is a good place for appendices, indexs, glossaries or even a FAQ section.

So that's it. We have come to the end of this lesson. To summarize we learnt how to draft our document. Specifically how to create a title, introduction, body and conclusion. see you in the next section.






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