Introduction to Agile

Sarfaraz Shaikh, MBA-MIS, CISA, PMP, ITIL, ITSM
Agile -One of the most sought after skill of today and growing in demand for tomorrow.
Introduction to Agile - Person 11 5 11
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1 hour

Course length



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Course Description

The course will give you the basic understanding of Agile, how it is different from traditional project management techniques and how it is used in project and software development.

After taking this course you would completely understand the concepts, usage and how it makes you and your company even more competitive in the market.

Course Goals

To give you the basic understanding of Agile, to understate how you can use the methodology in your projects according to your needs.


  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
  • Developers
  • Trainers
  • Students/Fresh graduates
  • Anyone who is a part of a project team.

  • Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Agile
  • Difference between Waterfall & Agile
  • Empirical process control
  • Triple constraints and value of Agile
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Overview of 12 principles of Agile
  • Scrum Methodology
  • Agile Estimation
  • Agile Transformation

  • Requirements

    No pre-requisites, a basic understanding of project management would be helpful.


    Sarfaraz Shaikh has been working in the field of IT for over 13 years. He is CISA, PMP, ITIL V3 and Microsoft certified himself. His area of expertise is IT Project Management and IT Service Management and he has worked in multiples domains like IT Service-providers, manufacturing, FMCG, accountancy and consultancies. He has also been working as an in-house and a consultant trainer.

    You can reach him on LinkedIn here: Sarfaraz Shaikh

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    What you will get upon completion

    You will develop solid foundation of Agile project management. After course completion, you can also get a course certificate for a fee that you can show to your prospective or current employer to demonstrate your proof of competency and skill on this subject.

    Course Ratings & Reviews

    Introduction to Agile - Person
    11 5 11
    5 out of 5 stars

    5 star 100%
    4 star 0%
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    • ByCreated Satinder Virdi (2021-07-30 18:49:39)

      Easy to follow high-level overview. Thank you!

    • ByCreated Mudabir Ali (2021-04-04 16:26:40)

      The instructor made agile methodologies easy to understand using examples. The content was detailed.

    • ByCreated haki namz (2021-04-01 14:22:06)

      it's wonderfully full of knowledge which enhances ur agile skill

    • ByCreated Salma JKB (2021-01-14 18:12:31)

    • ByCreated Muhammad Asim (2021-01-13 15:49:38)

    • ByCreated Kamil Hussain (2021-01-07 06:37:03)

      Sarfaraz shaikh you are a good trainer i like your voice and training good work

    • ByCreated Danish Siddiqui (2021-01-07 05:58:48)

      I am loving it. Keep it up.

    • ByCreated Waqas Khan (2021-01-06 16:47:58)

      Very helpful and very useful. Great innitiate and great platform for those who lean. Super and good work

    • ByCreated Ahsan Kamal Khan (2021-01-06 11:28:13)

      First of all the intro to the course really hooked me up. Though I was not so sure of taking it up but after going through the Intro I went for it. It was short, sweet and touched the right points of development in today’s world. The full course on the other hand went to the depths which is again what exactly i was looking for. This course really helped me in getting the fundamental of Agile right and i would definitely pursue advance course of it once its released. Finally a big shout out to the trainer for making this training, presenting and covering all the major areas of Agile development.

    • ByCreated Ali Shah (2021-01-05 23:13:03)

      Pretty good content and explanation. The instructor made it easy to understand the concepts. A great introductory course with a good level of detail.

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